POSTNAMERS Lethbridge, Alberta

At an early age POSTNAMERS began covertly overthrowing the leadership of all the religious groups in his hometown of Grande Prairie, Alberta with the help of a Sufi clown and a Jesuit priest-turned-heroin addict. Today he lives in a palace in the basement of the United States Federal Reserve, where he is occasionally visited by the archangel Michael and the ghost of Jiddu Krishnamurti ... more

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Track Name: Someone
Whom I wound I ride against the light of day
and the moon
has summoned a way
that in the layers of wound my name knows

I am the rise under the wonder
(seeing The None survive)
and furtive if Someone's about the light again
and I don't know Someone
And though I'm desolate (I am the layer under)
I'm right
and tried

I emptied mode and am an older form than any mask or name

But I'm furtive if someone's about the light again
and I don't know someone
And though I'm desolate
I'm right
and tried
Track Name: Mouth & Gown (featuring Forrest McGregor)
I don't want your affection
(but) "I" could never live without "You" as a mouth to kiss

I forever One around Am
'till the gown falls down
and Am we near drowned again

If "I" ever cool it on "You," doll
I don't want your reaction

Sit encircled
undressing Bleeder
end As in mouth and:
"Are" undone
Do is the game as the kiss is your name
Mouth and gown
are word (I'm tongue)
are sound
are none
Track Name: Skyscrapers in Paris
Know this, oh resulting hour:
The mud surrendered our heart with our motives
All our wills anulled (constructing them to perish)

And lost where holes and strings are
a straight line to contempt

In all these old houses
are the minds of our burning
(with all remembered
with all our hands and motives surrendered)
Track Name: Well-Laid Plans
If I wrote the textbook on well-laid plans
I'd be a knot in the woodline
A flash in the sand

If I woke up next to Jesus
I'd be
I am
Track Name: Hesperus is Phosphorus
We can not aim for Be All
taken across I Was
if we overcame Then I
with another name or song

or if we ever wrote it in the sky with all the letters from Beelzebub
Then I would be the evening and the morning
Track Name: Last Summer I Moved Venus
Last summer, with ancient traditions
Nose and eye lined up with star
lined up with ______

Last summer I moved Venus
with her rotting mind
Mouth and eye lined up with hand lines in the sand

Death is a word without precision
but I know the road inside the maps where the dragons lie
Some call it forgetting
You call it surrender
Track Name: Illusion
Yes, I'm okay
if I never ever know there is another game
if I never wake up in the morning and toss again in a known way

If I ever wake up
then I'll never wake up
and I will ever have the stain

Collapse these overwhelming lines!
Run in from known to doubt them
and wear beyond

When the light is all, just keep calm
and the buckled shadows'll unfold inside
Track Name: Montreal Psychosis
As in death there is no flaw,
(As if Ever can divide From and Over as their "I"
and pull an air-filled eye-blot up to the field of
As if there's none)
I'll pour as none
Track Name: Awaker
The hole in our desire on the wand is called Unknown
and it grows when the watcher is
cold and
walling wide
a fire of robes
as if all of their numbers could grow
Track Name: The Liberator
Write an ending with that old photograph
Let your weak-willed brother hold it in his hands
Then take another picture just like the last
and the old souls you capture
will get freedom back
in your brother's hands

Let him be the liberator
Let him hold fast
You can re-make the picture
if you pray with the flash
Track Name: Imim Horus (featuring Forrest McGregor)
Sometimes when the night's not broke
you end up with harmed ground
And the lines which the mind called new
are stars which it stopped and turned around

Hard times!
When the night's gone, do sow time
(if you can arm the light)

All night is the lasting other side
and light in the eye is Horus

And ours, with the marching of the armed,
can be with the night
as when the brilliant day arrived to light our heart
Track Name: Unall
Cold when longed for?
Warm when most alone?
Wall the outer edges to gain control

One desire hold
and send unto the firing called
Then give it

As if reaching were forgetting, to gaze into unall
As if temple in its language is a name for unall
As in anger, there is calm if you persist in unall

Oh body, as the silence:
Hide in the meaning of hide
and win Nothing, or
as the form, call